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7-8 June | Gold Coast, Marriott Resort & Spa

Spend time with your peers, improve your leadership skills and be prepared for the future.

Platform EDGE

The Australian economy is only 22% digitised and there are lots inefficiencies to be unlocked, which could increase the level of digitisation to 43% in the next 5-10 years and lead to an uplift in GDP growth by 0.8%.

 The speed at which this transformation occurs will depend on the level of investments in the Internet of Things, Big Data, data driven business process optimisation, customer centricity focused technology innovation and artificial intelligence.

This years theme is centered around the rise of a fascinating new business model: THE PLATFORM.

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Platforms are born in digitisation—specifically, the digitisation of key interactions in the marketplace, which created new efficiencies.

Companies are opening up their data and their technology to third-party development and interactions.

This triple-threat approach was allowing platform-based companies to either create entirely new markets or take over existing ones.

Three Phases of Platformisation

  1. EFFICIENCY: Digitising key interactions in the marketplace
  2. EVOLUTION: Adopting new, platform-enabled business models enabled by digitisation
  3. EXTERNALITIES: Inviting third parties to engage with and innovate on the platform

A company that begins life as a platform can engineer unprecedented interactions among customers and third parties from the start.

Sangeet Paul Choudary, our key thought leader for this subject matter, believes that every business, no matter how long it’s been around or what it sells, not only can platformise but should, because in the digital age, no other model can match the platform in agility and scale.

In a world where technological change is a matter of daily life, platforms can respond, scale, and pivot faster than anything that has come before.

The platform model trumps the product model for another reason: the bottom line.

A product generates a single point of revenue, but a platform monetises ongoing interactions, not only between the company and the customer but also among customers and between customers and third parties.

Maximising the Potential

  • Spend quality interactive time with your peers along with exchanging ideas
  • Trade war stories and assess real-life best practice, pitfalls and innovations
  • Discuss and debate the challenges and prospects of this dynamic region
  • Keep up with disruptive technology, fresh ideas and find alternative solutions to your problems
  • Get 1-1 with others in your vertical and situation, rather than generic overviews
  • Build your personalised program

A Snapshot of the Agenda


Michael Rosemann_QUT

Executive Director, Corporate Engagement, QUT


C-Level Executive Advisor & Author

Jason Millet, Previous Director Transformation, Infrastructure & Operations at Westpac Group and CIO NZ

EGM Transformation, Bank of Queensland


Partner for Global Government Digital Transformation, PwC Australia


CIO & Co-Founder, Locomote